The cost of shoplifting


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Lower shoplifting costs and increase your profits


Shoplifting is costing you and your customers.
The good news is that installing a RTP retail security system
can lower your retail theft by 75%
and increase your profits.


Merchandise shrinkage due to retail theft drains profits. For every item stolen, you can not recoup the loss.

When an item is stolen customers are denied the opportunity to purchase that item.

In some cases, the cost of dealing with the crime that takes place is paid for, in part, by the customer through an increase in the cost of goods leaving you uncompetitive in the market.

According to the recently released Global Retail Theft Barometer, global retail theft reached $104.5 billion in the past year.

The fact is shoplifiting is on the rise and it's happening to you today.

The good news is that studies in both the US and Canada have proven that having a merchandise security system installed reduces losses by 75% in an average store.



What does this mean to your bottom line?

Here's an example of how a having a retail merchandise security system can increase your profits.

The following is the yearly revenue and profit of a typical small retail store with 2,000 soft good items that are not protected by a merchandise security system.

Annual Store Revenue: $200,000

Cost of Goods: $100,000

Overhead Costs: $80,000

Losses: $10,000

Profit: $10,000

Profits gained with a retail security system: $7,500

According to recent studies the potential profits gained if their merchandise was secured with a merchandise security system: $7,500

Savings like these can pay for a retail security system in a year or less.

Note: These numbers are based on various studies performed in both the US and Canada.


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